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Briefcase Open - Pool Tournament Benefiting Legal Aid

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NWLS and Erie County Bar Association (ECBA)
sponsor the Sixth Annual Pool Tournament, now named
"The Briefcase Open" scheduled for Tuesday, March 2, 2010
 Andy’s Gold Crown Billiards


The Sixth Annual Pool tournament was held on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 7 PM at Andy's Pub near 38th and Peach Streets!  
This event was open to all ECBA members, along with their friends and/or significant others. 

This event is a fund-raiser for Northwestern Legal Services with proceeds benefiting the indigent of our community.   We which to thank the Erie County Bar Association  for it's sponsorship each year and donation of the event's entry fees to NWLS and  those who participate and provide support to our mission of  providing free legal aid in civil cases to low-income individuals and families who cannot afford to hire an attorney on their own.  

Pool Format:  It’s called “whistle-stop” eight ball, and each game is limited to 15 minutes.  Standard eight ball rules apply, and the format keeps things moving.  Everyone is playing pool, and not waiting around for some teams to finish their games before the next round begins.

The Competition:  Open Division - All teams compete for the prestigious "Wooden Triangle", emblematic of proficiency in the pool hall and evidence of a misspent youth. 

Law Office Challenge:  This year we invite all law offices (both large and small) to field a team in the tournament.  We will crown a law office champion in addition to the winners of the open division.  It's an opportunity to see who the real (pool) "sharks" are among the law offices and legal teams in town.

The Cost:  The registration fee is $20. per person ($40 per team).  You can either sign up as a team, or individually and we'll find you a partner.  Law office teams, though, must have co-workers from the same office.  Your fee covers all of the pool, along with soft drinks and pizza.  Most importantly, all proceeds benefit legal aid for the low income residents of Erie County.