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Private Attorney Involvement And
 Pro bono Programs

Private Attorney Involvement

NWLS works closely with private attorneys throughout our ten-county area to provide representation to low-income individuals. This cooperation takes several forms. In some areas NWLS coordinates volunteer attorneys who agree to provide representation free of charge (pro bono) to eligible clients.   The largest program of this type is the Legal Aid Volunteer Attorney (LAVA) Program that is operating in Erie County, where about 40% of the client eligible population reside.

The newest of programs was in February, 2001 when the Venango Pro Bono program was instituted.  NWLS and the Venango County Court Administrator work together in administering the pro bono program, and local participating attorneys donate their time and services to this program.   This program  provides  representation in  child custody arrangements, bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure, adoption, landlord/tenant issues, protection from abuse orders, consumer protection, education, and other matters on a case-by-case basis, excluding divorce matters. 

    Another method for working with private attorneys is the operation of Judicare panels. These panels supplement the service provided by our legal staff in areas where a program office is not readily available to our clients.  Private attorneys staffing these panels agree to accept a case referred to them in exchange for a minimal "judicare" payment. These panels allow us to quickly provide legal assistance to clients through attorneys that are in their geographic areas.

Applicants must been income eligibility requirements and screening for all private attorney involvement programs are done through NWLS’s Central Intake Unit.

New Website To Assist  PAI Attorneys:    www.paprobono.net

Membership is free -- many on-line legal resources
designed specifically to assist & benefit PA pro bono attorneys


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